Is it possible to write a text in another program before submitting it to grammarchecker.info?

Absolutely! Grammar checker does not bind the user to enter text in it and submit it for spelling and grammar corrections . People choose their English editors to enter text. Some prefer using a text editor to enter text. The reason for this is that they don’t like to be disturbed by spelling and grammar check pop-ups. They prefer to finish entering the text and then to run a spelling and grammar check on the finished document. A majority of people use Microsoft Word for their English text work. It's the most popular English text editor in use right now. People use Microsoft Word to write letters, memos, reports, academic work and correspondence. There are currently two popular versions of Microsoft Word in use worldwide. The pre-2007 version of Microsoft Word saved documents with the 'doc' file extension, and the 2007 and versions that followed uses the 'docx' file extension.

Any text written in any version of Microsoft Word can be submitted for spelling and grammar check to grammar checker. Grammar checker supports and reads files with 'txt,' 'doc,' and 'docx' file extensions. Users do not have to do any conversions of files to a particular format to run a spelling and grammar check. The grammar checker is a free grammar check tool that has been designed so that the maximum number of English text writers can use it with ease.

When you use the grammar checker, you will see the 'Select file' option and the file extensions that are supported. Select the file you want to check and once the file is loaded, run the spelling and grammar check. If you have uploaded a file, you can copy/paste and save the corrected version on your computer. The grammar checker is a free grammar check application designed for ease of use by users. There are no limitations to the number of times you can use this free grammar check application to check your text.