About Us

Grammar Checker has been created to help that huge community of English writers that exist on and off the internet. The reason for creating this application is that there are a few credible sites that offer English grammar help to users. Yes, there are some sites but, are they right? Also, most of them are difficult to use or need to be downloaded and installed, or the user needs to register and pay for it.

Now we at Grammar Check don’t do any of this. Why, because we want you to write good English. Our English gurus know everything there’s to know about the English language and its grammar. They have joined us because of the decay occurring on the internet of the English language. Our experts and we want to stop this and turn it around. We want each and everyone who writes anything in English to write easy to read, easy to understand and correct English with no mistakes.

You can be writing your first English content, or you may be an experienced writer; Grammar Check Free will always provide 100% accurate and grammar error free results. It will also help you in grasping the essentials of English grammar and adopting them. That’s why we have virtually thousands of people using Grammar Check Free.

Grammar Checker has been built to trap the tiniest grammatical error and point it out to you. It not only does that but it also suggests how to correct it.

Grammar Checker is available 24/7 as the internet never sleeps or takes a day off!