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What is Grammar Checker?

Grammar Checker is a computer program that identifies and highlights the grammar errors present in any text, sometimes also referred to as a spelling checker or style checker. It can exist either as a part of a word-processing program or a stand-alone program. An online grammar check tool can be used to check grammar or as a proofreading aid.

English grammar check is mostly found in a word processor, which is used to check grammar. For instance, Microsoft Word is a software program that has its own grammar checker. It is used to check grammar and underline grammar mistakes by highlighting them.

The writer uses a grammar checker to check grammar online and the consistency of the text. The feature or program to check grammar is often included as an add-on feature in many word processors such as MS Word allows free grammar check, underlining the flawed phrases with a squiggly line. Some of the online grammar check tools may also include features to check spelling, style consistency, and diction errors in the text. The more advanced ones come with a function to run a readability test and provide statistical details about the text.

Who uses Grammar Checker?

The answer to this question is everybody – students, teachers, and professionals, in fact, anyone who has to write in English uses Grammar Checker. The reason for its incredible popularity is that; it’s a neat, clean, and incredibly simple application to check grammar online.

Ads do not surround it, there’s no downloading and installing involved, and it has three options by which you can use it. Also, it does the job it’s been designed to do, and that is ‘check grammar and correct mistakes.'

Anyone who writes anything in English cannot say that they don’t make grammatical errors. Researchers, professors, authors and novelists all have proofreaders who correct their writing mistakes. If you want to publish your work you have to make sure that it’s written correctly.

Students are the single biggest community of Grammar Checker users. Why? Because their future is at stake, they just cannot afford to fail because their grammar was faulty on an assignment. They place their trust in Grammar Checker, and it comes up to their expectations.

The point of writing anything in any language is to make sure that, what a writer wants to say is conveyed as the writer wants it to be expressed. Simple grammatical mistakes can change the entire context of a sentence. Placing a comma or a semicolon can be confusing. So why take the risk of writing something wrong when English grammar check tool does the job of removing those mistakes for you.

Let Grammar Checker be your Proofreader

We have all heard about proofreading, and how essential it is especially when writing a research paper or a full paper, but do we know the rules? Frankly, nobody aside from an English language expert can say that yes they know all the rules. English grammar looks quite simple, but it’s not. There’s a difference in how we speak and how we write. If we applied proper grammar rules while talking, we would sound dull and boring. But when writing, it’s essential that the written content should be grammatically correct. Proofreading is necessary for writing good content. The reason why grammar mistakes occur is that we are in a rush to put our thoughts on paper (a computer word processor nowadays). Once done we give it a cursory look over, approve it and send it to the recipient.

Proofreading requires taking a break after you have written something (especially if it’s a critical article, report or research paper). Going back and reading it thoroughly and then reading it aloud to listen to how it sounds. Yes, when we read it loudly we hear what we are saying, and that’s when we pick up the mistakes. Tedious as it might sound, but that’s proofreading. And these are just the first two rules; there are more. But we are not going to explain all of them.

We will just emphasize the fact that now you can be sure that whatever you write in English will not contain any grammatical mistakes. Grammar Checker will thoroughly check grammar in its context, and if it comes across any errors, it provides suggestions. When you look at the suggestions, you will realize your mistakes and correct them.

Grammar Checker: Your Free Proofreader

Grammar Checker is a free program for you to check grammar online and when you want to. No registration, no charges, no cumbersome downloading and installing – nothing. It’s a free to use online check grammar application. English grammar mistakes are unintentional and can be avoided if we just spend those extra two or three minutes needed to use English grammar checker to check grammar of a document. Any and all correspondence can and should be verified. At times a simple email or memo can also convey the wrong message, it’s known to happen, and the writer has had to face embarrassment and in certain cases have lost their job because of mistakes that could have been avoided. So why take a risk when you can stay away from making grammar mistakes.

Proofreading and correcting may sound to be a boring and tedious job, but it’s a job that has to be done, primarily if your job depends upon writing proper English.

How to use Grammar Checker

First, use your word processor to write your text and then review it. You might catch some stray mistakes and correct them. Once you have finished your work, visit our online grammar check tool and copy the text into the text box below and press ‘Submit.' Within seconds you will see your document displayed and grammatical errors underlined with suggestions above them. If you like the suggested corrections, you can replace the original with the proposed text. Once you are through, copy/paste the text corrected by our English grammar check where you want.

That’s it.