How often is Spelling and Grammar check tool updated?

Grammarchecker.info is updated daily. New errors are discovered and corrected every day. Spelling and Grammar check development team is continuously engaged in improving the website and its spelling and grammar check routines. Some so many people use grammar checker daily, and trust it to perform English correction online that it has to be kept current and updated. All the English grammar rules that apply to British and American English have been programmed into it. However, this does not mean that rules don’t change and evolve. Sentence structures change, and so make grammar rules. Whereas some of the spelling and grammar check rules apply to all the variants of English that's used around the globe; some rules are not universal. Similarly, the spellings of some words differ, for example in American English words ending with 'our' are spelled with 'or,' in some words 'z' replaces's.' Grammar checker uses the appropriate dictionary depending on the user's selection of language.

It's important to remember that grammar errors can occur based on some factors and combinations. Grammar checker will not flag a previous error made by a user. For example, if a user writes 'carrots eat the rabbit' it will not be highlighted as having a grammatical mistake. If you examine the sentence, there's no grammatical error in it! Although the sentence is bizarre and absurd, no English correction online tool will point it out. Therefore, users should not expect any spell check to point out such mistakes. If the same errors are made by some users, the punctuation tool will analyze it. Like if a new saying comes into popular usage it will be added to the online grammar check routine. We aim to keep grammar checker the most trusted English correction online application.