Will English Grammar Check ever share my text publicly?

No. We value the privacy of your personal information and any content you submit. We don’t collect any personal information about our site users or of work that they submit for correction. You must have noted that when you visited the site, you were not asked to register or share any personal information. This free online grammar checker tool is designed to help users correct their grammatical mistakes — nothing more. Let us stress again — we don’t store content submitted by users for grammar correction. We have no interest or need to store content. The punctuation checker is a online text corrector that highlights spelling and grammar mistakes in the submitted text and suggests corrections. It has been designed, programmed and launched to help users correct spelling and grammar mistakes. It serves no other purpose. Once a user finishes using this free online spell checker, the program discards the user's content. It neither retains the raw or the corrected version of the user's text.

Therefore, we urge you to use this free online grammar checker without having to worry about it gathering any personal information, or retaining copies of the text that you submit for correction. It’s the best grammar corrector software available for free use on the internet. punctuation checker does not use any cookies to gather information about users or compile statistics. Everyone who writes in English or any other language, does not know all the grammar rules of the language and make grammatical mistakes which they are not aware of. This sentence checker tool highlights errors and helps them to correct these mistakes. This free online english corrector has been designed to serve just one purpose, and that is to help users become better at writing English.