Will it always be a free grammar check tool?

We certainly hope so. But we are not forecasters and cannot guarantee this. Right now our only objective is to make grammar checker the best and most sought-after free online grammar checker. However maintaining a free grammar check suits the users but there are costs involved. Right now we are absorbing the costs occurring of maintaining this punctuation checker. In the future we might seek sponsorship to maintain the best spell check; at least we think this tool is the best grammar checker available right now.

Our focus will remain to provide and updated spelling and grammar check Tool to users. Developing this grammar corrector has not been easy, and neither has its maintenance. To provide this free, our team has required hours of work by grammar, english experts and programmers. Even after launching the grammar corrector, we have a team of grammar experts who keep updating the grammar rules incorporated in this tool.

You, as a user, don’t have to worry about whether grammar checker will be available as a free spell check in the future. Just keep using it, and we can assure you that we won't ask you to register or to pay to check text. We want the maximum number of English text writers to benefit and improve their English by using this excellent, updated and advanced tool.